Director of Business Development - Milastomer Dept.

HR/Admin Department · Rye Brook, New York
Department HR/Admin Department
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Senior Manager/Supervisor

Job Description

Job Title:          Director of Business Development

FLSA Status:    Exempt

Department:    Milastomer Department

Location:          SOHO

Reports To:      General Manager, Compounds Business Division

General Position Summary

This position is responsible for managing the Milastomer, Aurum and other performance compounds products except for ADMER by planning and implementing the MTP and Budget following the corresponding MCI Division's strategy and policy, expanding and developing new business, as well as overseeing logistics and supervising Staff as necessary in order to achieve Company objectives.

Essential Job Functions

Primary Job Functions

Plans the MTP and Budget

  • by preparing the proposals of MTP and Budget according to the corresponding MCI Division’s strategy and policies;
  • by clarifying the position's mission;
  • by gathering information, and analyzing the internal and external business environment, including markets and customers;
  • by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of MCA and MCI regarding the businesses in charge;
  • by reviewing the performance and achievement of the previous terms;
  • by identifying issues, and assigning tasks;
  • by establishing strategy, measures, and targets;
  • and by optimizing resources including, HR, materials, and finances.

Implements the MTP and Budget

  • by achieving the objectives set in the MTP and Budget, holding accountability for the results, and explaining them to Senior Management and Staff;
  • by maximizing profit for the MCI group as a whole;
  • by making decisions in authorized areas;
  • by receiving opinions, and proposals from subordinates;
  • by expanding and increasing sales / squeezing and limiting sales as necessary;
  • by monitoring and reducing operational costs;
  • by researching, interviewing, negotiating with, selecting, and executing contracts with cost-effective vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors, including transportation, warehousing, and raw materials;
  • by conducting price surveys;
  • by controlling risks;
  • by collecting delinquent/past accounts, and gathering information to avoid bad debt;
  • by establishing and maintaining a consistent corporate image throughout products, promotional materials, and events;
  • and by working as a team.

Manages Accounts and Provides Customer Support

  • by acting as customers’ primary contact for support;
  • by regularly visiting and communicating with customers;
  • by identifying key decision-makers within each customer company and developing positive business relationships with customers;
  • by providing technical, quality, manufacturing, and engineering product support to customers;
  • by monitoring product sales performance and regularly providing Management with analysis and feedback;
  • and by following up on delinquent and overdue receivables.


Develops New Business

  • by identifying new business opportunities;
  • by performing various marketing activities, including performing market research for products, writing correspondences to current or potential customers/vendors, and conducting and/or attending sales presentations;
  • by interfacing with MCI to secure supply and to decide prices;
  • by networking on a formal and informal basis;
  • and by preparing proposals

Manages Daily Operations

  • by interfacing with MCI to reflect business strategies and policies ;
  • by overseeing, confirming, and ensuring sales, purchasing, and inventory control plans on a weekly basis and as necessary;
  • by establishing and maintaining a consistent corporate image throughout products, promotional materials, and events;
  • by monitoring the shipping status of products from abroad to customers in the Americas;
  • by preparing necessary documents, forms, and other reports as necessary;
  • and by managing and making solution proposals regarding irregular occurrences including accidents, legal violations, customer complaints/claims and any other problems.

Ensures Product Compliance

  • by ensuring Staff activities adhere to the Company's compliance system;
  • by performing product control;
  • by reporting, documenting, and filing reports, as necessary;
  • by studying, understanding, and complying with existing and new Anti-trust law, EPA, FDA, DOT (Transportation), DOT (Treasury), OSHA, federal, state, and other health, safety, and compliance regulations, and practices;
  • by taking necessary training from experts, and necessary internal and external training sessions designated by the company and Supervisor.
  • by reading, understanding, and complying with existing and renewed “MCA Regulatory Compliance Policy”
  • and by advising Senior Management as necessary.

Supervises Staff

  • by providing direction and delegating responsibilities to subordinate Staff and evaluating their work, thereby ensuring that the department's overall goals may be met;
  • by coordinating schedules;
  • by giving performance feedback ad conducting performance evaluations;
  • by authorizing and advising Staff expenses;
  • and by interviewing, hiring, disciplining, training, developing, and advising Staff.


Common Job Functions 

Improves Communication

  • by maintaining good internal and external relationships; and by communicating business-related information, including any customers or market-related issues to relevant Staffs and Managements.

Contributes to Team Effort

  • by being flexible in work assignments;
  • by covering for other Staff as needed; by assisting in the transition of new Staff; by contributing to the professional environment of the office;
  • and by understanding how this position affects the Company's bottom-line.

Maintains Professional and Technical Knowledge

  • by attending educational workshops and useful trade shows ;
  • by keeping up on industry trends;
  • and by reviewing professional publications especially in the automotive industry.

Improves Processes

  • by acting on constructive feedback from peers, supervisors, and customers to enhance efficiency ;
  • and by examining departmental work processes, administrative procedures, etc., and recommending changes where appropriate.

Keeps Directors Informed

  • by reporting problems, troubles, and difficulties immediately to Directors verbally or in writing, in order to avoid confusion, misunderstanding, miscommunication, and problems;
  • and by regularly updating Supervisors of work progress and or status.

Complies with Internal Policies and Legal Requirements

  • by following existing and new internal policies;
  • by studying and understanding existing and new compliance regulations, and practices; by anticipating future regulations;
  • by enforcing adherence to requirements;
  • and by reporting, documenting, and filing reports, as necessary; and by advising Management as necessary.

Manages Time and Resources

  • by using time efficiently, prioritizing, and focusing work duties;
  • and by using resources provided by the Company (i.e. financial resources, information tools, and other materials) in an effective and efficient manner.

Manages Tasks

  • by taking the appropriate actions to ensure that tasks are accomplished accurately and by the designated deadline.

Essential Job Requirements:

Requirements & Working Environment

Working Conditions

  • The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate (i.e., working in a business office with computers, printers, and telephones).
  • The Staff Member must be able to travel on business, join meetings on video/phone/web system or work beyond normal business hours.

Minimum Qualifications Needed

Language Skills

  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, website information, and/or government regulations in English.
  • Ability to write e-mail, reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals in English.
  • Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of Managers, Staff, clients, customers, and the general public in English without any misunderstanding.

Other Skills

  • Must be able to use a computer and such applications like Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SalesForce, and Explorer (including skills with search engines like Google and Yahoo to collect necessary information efficiently.).



Bachelor's degree from four-year college or university; and four to ten years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Must have supervisory skills and management experience

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  • Location
    Rye Brook, New York
  • Department
    HR/Admin Department
  • Employment Type
  • Minimum Experience
    Senior Manager/Supervisor